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Miso and Mung Bean Noodle Soup Recipe

BY AINE CARLIN After over indulging over the Christmas period it’s now time to regain a little balance in the form of leafy greens, soothing broths and soft noodles. I like to think of this dish as a…



A Healthier 2012: Tips on Setting Healthy Goals

By: Melaina Gasbarrino Now that 2012 is closely upon us, first things first, Happy New Year! With a New Year comes new hopes, new dreams and of course a new you. This year is all about a healthy you….



10 Useful Tips to Prevent a Holiday Hangover

By: Michele Wolfson Nothing rings in the New Year like a holiday hangover, right? WRONG! While it’s awesome spending the night drinking champagne and other tasty libations, the aftermath is often…



Roasted Pork Loin with a Pistachio Crust Recipe

By: Saira Malhotra Christmas is barely a blink away. In addition to a large bird, other meats are gladly welcomed, be it roast beef, leg of lamb or a glazed ham. Since we love little twists on…



Cooking, Conversation, and Culture: A Cooking Demo at Red Rooster

On Wednesday, I hosted a cooking demo for one of my biggest fans, Elizabeth Johnson, her family and two law students from Ethiopia. Elizabeth is a member of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, one of the…



Baked Sufganiyot Recipe

While Chanukah is known as “the Festival of Lights,” because of the miraculous oil that kept burning, it comes to no surprise that most of the foods used to celebrate this great holiday are…



4 Holiday Hors D’oeuvres Tips and Vegan Recipes

By: Michele Wolfson The best part of a cocktail hour isn’t spending time with loved ones, checking out what everyone is wearing or even the open bar. The best part of a cocktail hour is the hors…



The Arts, Food, and All-Things-New York: An Interview with Brian Hoffman

By: Cyndi Amaya Known for his popular New York-centered food blog, Eat This NY, Brian Hoffman has clearly made a name for himself in the NY food blog scene. Aside from being the tour guide for…



The Red Rooster Mistletoe Recipe

Here’s a recipe for the latest holiday cocktail from Red Rooster Harlem. Created by mixologist Lonn Coupel-Coward, this festive Champagne cocktail has three simple ingredients that can be substituted…



11 Must-Have Kitchen Gadget Gifts for the Holiday Season

By: Michele Wolfson Manhattanites generally have tiny apartments with very limited space. This often prevents us from buying kitchen gadgets that our country friends own with their big kitchens and…



Below Zero Gardening: How to Build the Perfect Winter Garden

By: Melaina Gasbarrino When you hear the words winter and gardening in the same sentence you’re probably thinking what a strange combination that is, as there certainly is no way you could possibly…



Red Rooster T-Shirts Now Available at the Nook

Looking for a great holiday stocking stuffer for a Red Rooster fan in your life? We’ve got just the thing! Our new Red Rooster T-shirts are now available at the Red Rooster Nook. Designed by the…



Red Rooster Harlem Hosts A Holiday Food Drive

Since the holidays are truly about giving back to the community, Red Rooster is hosting a food drive to help feed those in need this holiday season. Starting this Monday, December 12th until Friday,…



Harlem: Where Talent is Born

By: Michele Wolfson New York is famously known as the Empire State, and within that is Harlem, a neighborhood just as famous for breeding talented human beings. If one wanted to see well-crafted…



The Ultimate Community Epicurean Experience: The Sikh Practice of Langar

By: Saira Malhotra To whom would you bestow the crown of being your favorite chef? (Besides Marcus Samuelsson, of course!) Is it a member of your family, a friend, a chef from your most visited…